2020 Venditalia Rates

Registration Fee: € 500.00
Participation fee for MQ:
Free area with 1 open side € 190.00/sq.m
Free area with 2 open sides € 210.00/sq.m
Free area with 3 open sides € 235.00/sq.m
Free area with 4 open sides € 260.00/sq.m

(The area does not include any type of set-up and / or furniture such as wall, carpet, lights, etc)

Optional services:
Registration fee “Represented company” € 250.00
Registration fee for Co-exhibitor” € 300.00
Extra car pass €   72.00 each one
Exhibitor passes €   15.00 each one
22% VAT (or other tax rate in effect) on the total, if due


Milano Fiera Insurance € 100.00
of wich €50.00 for insurance intermediation

Mian Fair Rate
Calculate for each exhibitor (and co-exhibitor); you will receive a dedicated invoice from Fiera Milano

Pre-fitted directly managed by Fiera Milano.
To book through service of Milan Fair after the stand assignment notification

SILVER: € 82,00 / sq.m scheda
GOLD : € 93,00 / sq.m scheda
PLATINUM : €112,00/sq.m scheda
IVA al 22% (or other tax rate in effect) on the total, if due

The cost for the raw space and the registration fee includes:

  • one parking pass and one additional pass for every 100 m² occupied
  • exhibitors badges in proportion to the occupied surface area
  • Wi.Fi. service
  • inclusion in the catalogue
  • electricity connection and consumption up to 5 KW,
  • Fire extinguisher
  • municipal advertising tax,
  • copyright for installations subject to tax regulations,
  • recording copyright tax (not including live performances),
  • stand cleaning service for the duration of exhibition.
  • authorization to use “VENDITALIA” logos for advertising